Amuro Namie

愛だの恋だの    oh no    わざと避けてた
振り回されて    流され    ただ繰り返す
thought its just foolish
既に誰か言ったような    どこかでも見たような
やり方で近付き誘われても    I said ”sorry boy…..”

Ai da no koi da no    oh no    waza to saketeta
Furimawasarete    nagasare    tada kurikaesu
Thought it's just foolish
Sude ni dareka itta you na    dokoka demo mita you na
Yarikata de chikadzuki sasowaretemo I said "sorry boy..."

Oh, no, I avoided all kinds of love on purpose,
I'd be given the run around, get caught up, and the cycle just repeated,
I thought, it's just foolish.
Whenever someone tried to get close and ask me out,
Saying, I feel like I've heard of you, I think I've seen you somewhere, I'd say "sorry, boy..."

突然現れ    eye 2 eye
急に奪われて    face 2 face
向き合う体と    heart 2 heart
see my destiny    この瞬間に
引き寄せる    holdin' me too tight

Totsuzen araware    eye to eye
Kyuu ni ubawarete    FACE to FACE
Mukiau karada to    heart to heart
See my destiny    kono shunkan ni
Ima made doko ni ita no? to
Zutto sagashiteta no ni to
Sasayaki nagara mune e to
Hikiyoseru     holdin' me too tight

Suddenly appearing, eye to eye,
Suddenly snatching me away for a FACE to FACE,
Bodies facing each other, heart to heart,
See my destiny in this instant,
Where have you been all my life? and
I've been searching for you all this time,
Getting close to my chest, holdin' me too tight.

※so crazy    目覚めた情熱
Ooo you step into my life (step into my life)
so crazy    何もかも
I may be crazy    だけど (crazy だけど)
誰も止められない (crazy 4 ya love)※

※So crazy    mezameta jounetsu
Sameta kokoro wo RISETTO
Ooo you step into my life (step into my life)
Subete ga kawaru
So crazy    nanimo ka mo
Sutete shimaeru ka mo
I may be crazy    dakedo (crazy dakedo)
Daremo tomerarenai (crazy 4 ya love)※

※So crazy, an awakened passion,
Resetting my cooled heart,
Ooo you step into my life (step into my life),
And everything changes.
So crazy, I might
Throw it all away,
I may be crazy, but (crazy, but)
No one can stop me (crazy for your love).※

怖くなるくらい    相当に    のめり込んでる
funny, おかしくなる    今までの自分じゃないようで
どうかしてるって笑う    my girls達には解らない
奇跡的な出会いを遂げた    I think he is the one

Kowaku naru kurai     soutou ni     nomerikonderu
Funny, okashiku naru     ima made no jibun ja nai you de
Douka shiteru tte warau     my girls-tachi ni wa wakaranai
Kisekiteki na deai wo togeta     I think he is the one

I've completely fallen for him, so much that it's scary,
Funny, I've gone crazy, I'm not like myself,
My girls laugh, saying "something's wrong with you!", they don't understand,
I've had a miraculous encounter, I think he's the one.

いつも繋いでる    hand 2 hand
一つに重なる    soul 2 soul
本能にまかせて    body 2 body
must be destiny    絶対に
姿が証明    this is true
when a girl meets boy

Itsumo tsunaideru     hand to hand
Hitotsu ni kasanaru     soul to soul
Honnou ni makasete     body to body
Must be destiny     zettai ni
Mitsumeta hitomi ni utsuru
Sugata ga shoumei     this is true
Tojikometeshimaitaku naru
When a girl meets boy
Shougeki no koi

Always holding hands, hand to hand,
Becoming one, soul to soul,
Leaving them to their instincts, body to body,
Must be destiny, definitely.
Myself, reflected in your eyes
Is the proof, this is true.
I want to close the two of us off together,
When a girl meets boy,
A crash of love.


どうしてわかったの (and say that?)
how did you get to here? (oh tell me)
見つけだして連れ出して    bring it all to me
どうしたらいいの (どうすれば?)
what am I gonna do (do 4 U?)
何度でも呼んでしまう    your name, over and over

Doushite wakatta no (and say that?)
How did you get to here? (Oh tell me)
Mitsukedashite tsuredashite     bring it all to me
Doushitara ii no (dou sureba?)
What am I gonna do (do for you?)
Nando demo yondeshimau your name, over and over

How did you know (and say that?)?
How did you get to here? (Oh tell me)
Find it and bring it, bring it all to me.
What should I do (what should I do?)?
What am I gonna do (do for you?)
Calling your name, over and over.

hurry up (uhh) 見せつけたいその熱すぎる body
can't stop (ahh) もう止まらない病みつきの booty
up in da club (club)
dance 2 da drums (drums)
BPM 合わせ上げるこの心拍数 (uhh me so horny)
you treat me like a lady だけど baby (yeah)
もう待てない so crazy you're amazin' (unn)
二人きり (hot hot)
ため息を (drop drop)
今日は gettin' on ya (top top)
So, let me get dirty, ahh…

Hurry up (uhh) misetsuketai sono atsusugiru body
Can't stop (ahh) mou tomaranai yamitsuki no booty
Up in da club (club)
dance 2 da drums (drums)
BPM awaseageru kono shinpakusuu (uhh me so horny)
You treat me like a lady dakedo baby (yeah)
Mou matenai so crazy you're amazin' (unn)
Futarikiri (hot hot)
Tameiki wo (drop drop)
Kyou wa gettin' on ya (top top)
So, let me get dirty, ahh...

Hurry up (uhh) I want you to show me that too-hot body,
Can't stop (ahh) I can't stop, I'm addicted to your booty,
Up in da club (club)
dance 2 da drums (drums)
My heart goes along with the BPM (uhh me so horny)
You treat me like a lady, but baby (yeah)
I can't wait anymore, I'm so crazy, you're amazin' (unn)
Just the two of us (hot hot)
Sighing (drop drop)
Today I'm gettin' on ya (top top)
So, let me get dirty, ahh...


I wanna hold you right now,
I wanna touch you right now,
wanna kiss you, cling to you,
love you down all night, aha….