say hi!

※Shining all the time to me.
Smiling you back say Hi to you.
And walking on the street with holding hands.※


Daiji na mono wa sonna ni nai
Tebura no kokoro de nani tsukamou?
Sunao ni nareta nichiyou no gogo
Anata ga tokubetsu to kidzutsuku

   There's nothing that's that important,
   What can you catch with an empty heart?
   On that Sunday afternoon when I was honest with myeslf,
   I realized that you're special.

Don't forget a sign of love. (now you kiss me)
Don't forget give me a big big hug and smile.

△Going out to watch the movie.
Having ice cream with extra whipped cream.
And driving to the beach to play with our Donna.△



Kumo no ue wa itsudatte hare
Chikasugite mienai shiawase
Mesen wo kaereba mietekuru
Deai afureteru kono machi

   It's always sunny above the clouds,
   If there's a happiness too close for you to see,
   Change your point of view and look again,
   This town is full of fated meetings.

Just remember I'm with you. (Show me your love)
Just remember always we are together.


(Shine) Shining all the time
(Smiling) Smiling you back
(Walking) Walking on the street with holding hands.

※Repeat x2